Thanks for making the ‘Health Declares Climate and Ecological Emergency’ declaration.  We are delighted you have chosen to join a growing network of health care workers across the UK passionate about raising awareness and creating real change!

Check out this Welcome Pack for an intro into Health Declares and resources you might find useful, including guides of how to get your target health organisation to declare!

What Happens Next

  • If you’re itching to start lobbying your health institution to Declare a Climate & Ecological Emergency, please send a WhatsApp message to our coordinator (Abbie) on 07929728222. She’ll be happy to arrange a call with you to discuss
  • We will be in touch soon to link you with groups local to you, or in the same profession… this will be a one off email, so don’t worry about us spamming your inbox with this info! 
  • If you’d like to be involved with the central Hub group, please join our Slack group and introduce yourself in the intros channel

Best Wishes,

Tamsin, Hannah & Sarah

HD Website Team