About us

Health Declares Climate and Ecological Emergency is a grassroots, voluntary group of health professionals and organisations from across the UK.

We recognise that the climate and ecological crises we face are also a health emergency. As countries respond to and start to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, urgent and concerted action on climate and ecological breakdown is needed more than ever to protect and promote human and planetary health and health equity.

We are committed to speaking out and taking action personally, and we are working to influence the health organisations of which we are members of staff, or which represent us, so that they take meaningful action on this major public health threat. We believe that all health professionals and organisations have a key role to play in speaking out and pushing the government to act.

We are also part of a wider movement, and aim to work in close partnership with other organisations who share our vision of a fair, safe and liveable future in which planetary and human health are protected and can thrive.

If you’re from elsewhere in the world and you want to collaborate or are interested in setting up a similar group where you are, please get in touch.

Our values

We are committed to and actively work towards being inclusive, non-hierarchical and anti-racist.
As a voluntary organisation we are respectful towards one another’s time and flexible in our working.
We are transparent in our decision making and encourage members to join the hub to have diverse representation from all healthcare professions and backgrounds.

Our aims and objectives

To influence and enable individual health professionals and health organisations in the UK to effectively tackle climate change and ecological breakdown, and to communicate and reduce the associated health impacts.

To inform, support and mobilise health workers in the UK to act and advocate on climate change and sustainability issues both within their own organisations and through effective media, public and political engagement.

For UK health organisations to commit to putting climate change and sustainability at the core of their work, including through stronger advocacy and action on healthcare sustainability, integration into health professional training, and commitments to sustainable investment.

How we work

We are a voluntary organisation and do not currently receive any external funding or have any paid staff. Anyone who is part of Health Declares is welcome to join the Hub and help us in organise and grow Health Declares. To find out more about how to get involved and how our hub works please see the Take action section of our website.