Physiotherapy Declares are a group of physiotherapists, associates and student physiotherapists, formed in the aftermath of COP26 2021 and united in the recognition of a global climate and ecological emergency. Read our explainer document for more information.

Our Aims

  1. To influence and enable individual physiotherapists, support workers, students and health organisations in the UK to effectively tackle climate change and ecological breakdown, and to communicate and reduce the associated health impacts.
  2. To inform, support and mobilise physiotherapists in the UK to act and advocate on climate change and sustainability issues both within their own organisations and through effective media, public and political engagement.
  3. For CSP  to commit to putting climate change and sustainability at the core of their work, including through stronger advocacy and action on healthcare sustainability, integration into physiotherapy training, and commitments to sustainable investment.

Get Involved

Physiotherapy Declares welcomes new members, so if you want to be involved please email and we will reply when we can.

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