Health Declares Climate and Ecological Emergency

We are a group of health professionals and organisations from across the UK. We recognise that the climate and ecological crises are health emergencies requiring urgent action, and we are committed to acting and advocating to protect planetary and human health.

Make an individual declaration

As individuals we are declaring five points in our personal and professional lives – you can commit to these yourself by completing the form below.

Many members of Health Declares are also working to influence healthcare institutions at local and national levels – if you wish, we can put you in touch with those relevant to you through this form as well.

1. I recognise that the climate and ecological emergency is a health emergency.

2. I recognise that the health impacts of climate change are unfairly distributed and exacerbate existing health inequalities.

3. I will act in both a professional and personal capacity to reduce the severe risks to public and global health.

4. I will communicate the importance of these threats to health to my colleagues, decision-makers and the public.

5.  I will call on my organisations and government to tell the truth, respond fairly, and act in keeping with the urgency of the threat.