Take Action

Taking action in our day to day lives

For tips on how to discuss climate and health with colleagues or patients, click here for a list of resources. ‘We are possible’ also has some helpful information on how you can make changes in your lifestyle that will cut your own environmental impact.

Influencing local health organisations

Work with other health workers locally to influence your hospital Trust, another health organisation or the council in your local area, click here to see if we have a Health Declares group coordinator (or a similar group) for your area, or (in areas without a coordinator) for information on how to become one.

Influencing national health organisations

Work with other health workers to influence a national health organisation of which you are involved or a member, such as a medical or nursing Royal College, trade union or a defence organisation, click here to let us know which organisation. We will put you in touch with the relevant Health Declares ‘Spoke’ team or, if there isn’t one already active for that organisation, we can share advice and resources with you on how to set up a new spoke.

Join our hub

Join us in organising and growing Health Declares. We are a non-hierarchical and friendly group who are keen for involvement regardless of your profession or background. You can choose how much time to commit and no experience is required. Please get in touch.

Other ways to get involved

For other ways to take action on climate change, in addition to work within the NHS, there are many UK and international organisations working at the intersection of climate justice and health. Check out this information about other great organisations working on these issues.